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We are excited to announce that the company that you long knew as Midwest Lamp Recycling is now under new ownership. For consistency to our customers, our new company Recycling Compliance Specialists, LLC (RCS) will continue doing business as Midwest Lamp Recycling for long enough for you to get used to our new name, and while we are implementing and finalizing extensive internal improvements to meet your needs and the changing government regulations, we appreciate your patience through this transition.

Midwest Lamp Recycling had become the preferred recycler of businesses since 1993, and now our new ownership is putting thousands of dollars into engineering, technology, processes, compliance, procedures, and staff in order to - Keep Business Recycling Simple, Affordable, and Convenient!

Midwest Lamp Recycling will continue to provide expertise in regulatory compliance, financial strength, and a team of experienced specialists to enhance your company's recycling programs. Midwest Lamp Recycling provides timely pick-up, fast payment, certificates of recycling, and competitive pricing for your one stop solution to your electronic recycling needs. Midwest is a full-service electronics recycling company that has and will continue to specialize in:

  • Fluorescent lamp recycling
  • Electronic and Computer waste recycling
  • Battery recycling
  • Universal waste management
  • Transportation (normally 3 to 4 business days lead)
  • Deliver UN DOT Approved packaging directly to your business
  • PCB disposal

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