Midwest Lamp Recycling

3224 Kingsley Way
Madison, WI 53713

Phone: (608) 275-6766
Toll Free: (800) 251-7646
(608) 275-6765

Midwest Lamp Recycling, Inc. grew out of a business consortium contract with Midwest’s parent company. Designed and built for business, Midwest Lamp Recycling has become the preferred recycler of business since 1993.

Midwest’s business plan is straight forward; Keep Business Recycling Simple, Affordable, and Convenient.

“The Preferred Recycler of Business” compliments over 20 years of great service and several patents. Midwest is a full service recycling company specializing in:

  • Fluorescent lamp recycling
  • Battery recycling
  • Electronic and Computer waste recycling
  • PCB disposal
  • Universal waste management
  • Transportation (normally 3 to 4 business days lead)
  • Deliver UN DOT Approved packaging directly to your business

Federal and state universal waste requirements can differ; it can depend on who generates the waste, where the generator is located, and whether or not it is a universal waste.

Midwest compliments great service with great customer support and an educational web site. We feel it is important to educate our Business Clients as it is to deliver excellent service. Always call Midwest when in doubt.

Midwest keeps its clients Safe, Compliant, Educated, Efficient, and Cost Effective.

Now… What can Midwest Do For You?!